The F0re Br0thers Tournament

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Welcome to the greatest 2-day golfing event of the year. Situated at the historic Belfry Hotel & Golf Resort, host to 4 Ryder Cups, The British Masters and now the F0re Br0thers Tournament! There will be insane prizes up for offer but more importantly a chance for you and your partner to become the inaugural F0re Br0thers Tournament Team Champions and F0re Br0thers Major Day Champion, having your name stitched into FB History as your name is engraved on the trophies forever!

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A 2 day event hosted at the historic Belfry Golf Club. We combine the fun aspects of playing in a team with your mates and having a few beers, as well as the super competitive side of a straight up 1 day Major.

Golf event


The two man competition. A more relaxed competition where you and your partner will battle your way to victory. Throughout the golf course there will be refuelling stations of your favourite lager or cider, as well as mini prizes to win. Followed by a catch up in the Club house to discuss day, we will host you all for a 3 course dinner and the first day award ceremony where the winners will receive a big prize.

Golf event


Major Day, this will be a straight up shoot out. You against everyone else. Pure competitive spirit & determination will win you this day. We will also be playing so you can see how you stack up against us. This will be followed by an award ceremony with the winner receiving a big prize.